The Multiple Sclerosis Center of Arizona

A Comprehensive Approach to Care

A Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Center

Our center is one of its kind, with four dedicated physicians who are renowned for their expertise in multiple sclerosis. Our mission at the Multiple Sclerosis Center Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Center is threefold: comprehensive medical care, support, and research.


Comprehensive Medical Care

Our doctors and staff are one-hundred-percent focused on multiple sclerosis, allowing us to take a very individualized approach with each of our patients and offer them the latest advances in MS diagnosis, monitoring and treatment. A state-of-the-art infusion center allows you to receive therapy right in our building. In addition to three neurologists who are experts in the field of MS, we also have a neuropsychologist and physiatrist (doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation) on staff to meet your needs. Our goal is for you to be able to get all of the care you need in one place with providers who specialize in caring for those with MS.

MS patients may need to see other specialists for help with non-neurological symptoms. We work closely with urologists, psychiatrists, and other physicians who understand the special needs of MS patients to ensure you receive the very best ancillary care.

“What we are doing now would have been science fiction when I left training. The tools we have for diagnosis and monitoring and the therapies we have available are increasing our ability to reduce or prevent disability.” – Dr. Barry A. Hendin



Our commitment is to your overall wellness, not just to treating your disease. We educate our patients on how to take their health into their own hands with diet, lifestyle changes, and a focus on emotional wellness. As the majority of MS patients are women, having a female neurologist on our staff also helps to minimize barriers when it comes to issues unique to women.

Located in Phoenix Arizona


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Our physicians and staff are committed to providing our patients and community
with the most up-to-date information for MS care.

Multiple Sclerosis is a complex disease that takes many paths. Each patient experience is different, and the medical community continues to develop new ways to treat MS and improve the lives of those who have it. The Multiple Sclerosis Center Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Center was created to meet the unique, individual needs of our patients with MS and to ensure they have access to the very best care, support, and clinical research opportunities Arizona has to offer.

The Multiple Sclerosis Center of Arizona

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